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We have puppies available to loving families!

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Our dogs are sold as pets on AKC Limited Registration, and wedo notsell dogs for breeding purposes. Those deemed worthy of breeding stock are kept in our own breeding program.

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The primary purpose for our litters is to replenish our breeding and show dog program. We are very selective in which puppies we keep, and therefore have several from each litter that are available to approved pet homes. Please be aware that we do not normally sell puppies that are represented as Show Prospects, as those puppies go into our own show and breeding program.

Breeding dogs are screened for common Labrador problems such as hip & elbow dysplasia, eye diseases, as well as other genetic diseases that are screened by DNA testing. Puppies are released at approximately 8 weeks of age. Older puppies we might have are ones that we held back to evaluate for our breeding/show program. All puppies are sold with a written contract/guarantee and on AKC Limited Registration.

Most of the people who breed their pets together are not in the sport of purebred dogs, do not research the health and genetics behind their Labrador pedigrees, and do not perform the neessary hip, elbow, and eye testing of the breeding stock. Although the X-rays and DNA tests can get pricey, they give the breeders a higher chance that their puppies will live long and healthy lives, free from most of the inheritable genetic problems that affect so many Labradors worldwide...

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Please call or email Ed Gleason for further information

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